Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Writer Problems

Everybody has problems that are, more or less, unique to them. Then there are the problems that are unique to certain groups. Here is a list of problems unique to writers that I've discovered through my own career, in no particular order:

  1. You can't sleep because your brain is playing out scenes in your head.
  2. You can't sleep because a character is arguing with you.
  3. Not enough ideas (usually due to having a deadline).
  4. Too many ideas (usually due to actively working on an active project).
  5. You're flooded idea while at your day job or running errands, but when you finally have a half-hour to yourself and sit down in front of the computer they flee to the far corners of your mind and hide.
  6. Completely failing in your mastery of your native tongue. Ever known the shade of meaning you wanted but not the word that goes with it? Ever rewrite a sentence seventeen times because it refuses to convey the idea you wanted? Yeah.
  7. Arguing with your spell-check program.
  8. Arguing with your grammar-check program.
  9. Arguing with your inner editor while writing your rough draft.
  10. Going through your rough draft afterwards and thinking it's crap.
  11. Your editing notes for the rough draft sound like Gordon Ramsay.
  12. You have a love-hate relationship with a red ballpoint pen.
  13. Rewriting the same chapter three or four times before you get the story to flow in the right direction.
  14. The story refuses to go in the direction you want.
  15. The characters refuse to cooperate with you.
  16. People telling you that writing looks so easy.
What writer problems have you encountered? Respond below!